Make it Easier for Patients to Find Their Way

Complex facilities can benefit from a proven sign system development model.
A best-practice, step-by-step process is a trusted way to build
an effective signage and wayfinding system.
Good signage and wayfinding can reinforce an organized, efficient and caring environment.

Whether your facility is a hospital system, regional hospital or small healthcare clinic, the patient experience is key to them returning.

Smart sign systems combines intelligent design, cost-efficient materials, advanced manufacturing, the
latest graphics and qualified people to create functional, affordable sign systems.

Do You Have a Master Signage Plan?

Every facility should have a consistent, coordinated sign system. Don’t let an architectural firm or the latest construction project dictate your sign program.

Choose to develop a signage and wayfinding program that works best for you.

Do you have a Sign Standards Policy?

Every decision point is a customer interaction.

Visitors should be guided by a consistent, coordinated, and branded sign-system.

How do you Manage Change?

In healthcare environments, changeability is key. An effective sign system should allow for fast and easy changes.

We offer fast track changes, quick turn-around, inventory programs, and can even enable clients to make their own changes in house.

There are many areas to consider when reviewing your wayfinding signage.




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Free Signage and
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One of our professional planners
will conduct a sign system analysis,
complete a 35 point checklist
and rate the wayfinding experience.

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